Alien Watch

Designed for Apple Watch


Alien Watch  was my first attempt as a UI/UX designer on Apple Watch.

Inspired by LCD games of the 90s I decided to replicate the experience on the Apple Watch. 

The medium vs the nature of the app presented many different and interesting  user experience challenges 



Inspired by a watch owned by my childhood friend in which we used to shoot planes, I decided to replicate this design idea in the age of apple watch. 


It started as a personal project, later on it ended on the App Store, selling multiple copies in various stores around the world.


Ask any Designer and he will tell you that constrains mean opportunities for great design!

And designing for the watch means  a lot of constrains


At that time Apple Watch was running Watch OS 2, meaning that Spritekit was not available, neither animations, and buttons placeholders were fixed into place, being extreme difficult if not impossible to change them at run time. 


Besides the responsiveness of the watch was extremely laggy, Apple Watch Series 0 is low on processing power and the battery is not string enough. These are concepts that a designer should take in mind when designing for wearables even today!

In terms of user experience the screen is very small, the finger covers most of the screen when interacting (at that time the developers had no access to the crown, so interactions had to be made on screen. 

Those were the reasons for delivering this UI design, so as to give as more space as possible for the “action”. 

Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 13.31.41.png

The colours were  vivid enough to work under sunlight and elements like stars  that could interfere with the actual gameplay and confuse were omitted.  

I also decided to use the loading screen for instructions, since at that time the apple watch still was a new device and the users were not fully aware with the interactions


For the sprites I was inspired  from Robotech, Star Trek and BattleStar Galactica among other references of the 80s and 90s. 


It went pretty sweet, I did a press release and contacted various journalists about the game. Got a lot of positive feedback and had some strong sale numbers (for a watch game)

Some mockups for next version

Alien Warch V. 3.0


©Konstantinos Anastasiou 2019

Actual Game Screen