Christmas Thief 


Great idea! Who will design it

It was in 2015 when I started being a professional designer. Along with two friends we decided to do a seasonal game for fun. At that time I was finishing my drawing classes in Art school and I though I put them in use.

I did not know a lot about UX design at the time. While I did various small animations and endless sketches over the years, Working and coordinating on a commercial title with a whole team,  was a new challenge for me.

Working and coordinating

a commercial title with a whole team,  was a new challenge for me.

Kostas Anastasiou

So I was Game Designer for the game Christmas Thief and I had to manage the deadline for Christmas, the sprites the animation the UI the UX, well, almost everything except the coding. 

Coding was done from the developer, and music and sound effects from our music producer, which was a solo guitarist in a local band

"The Chroma"

actual represantation of our music producer working

Character Design

As we said the game was about a smiling elf stealing the gifts from santa. So the main villain, and protagonist is this elf. 

Tha character creation started on paper. It was initially traced and developed on Photoshop, Illustrator. 

Menu Setup

Menu was inspired from the animation in XXXXX and  was animated but the elements initially were put into paper.  and then we started building on those themes



Initial Concept


I am still  authoring this page! 

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