Halloween Treat

A Game for Watch


A simple and fun game for the Apple Watch. 

I designed the game and the sprites. It holds my personal record for sales in App Store. 

#UI/UX Design, #Game Design, #Illustration, #Character Design


Following the release of Alien Watch I wanted to design a free game to promote it. 


The idea occured while watching an episode of Family Guy

and playing puzzle bubble on iPhone.

This moment generated one of my most successful games

I though of a stripped down version of puzzle bubble and following the spirit of Halloween and spiced up with funny graphics.

The aim for the player was using a pumkin to target flying bats 


The User Experience generated of course varius constrains but I still wanted to stay on the watch, because I was afraid that time constrains would not allow me to deliver a satisfying experience on the iPhone. 

I love creating characters and my desire was to make the "pumkin" to stand out. I designed "Mr. Pumkin" and made him as large as possible to exhibit his character and be funny enough. 

This could be accomplished by the eyes expressions  since Mr. Pumkin and try to make him as large as possible ... in a small Apple Watch screen. 

While I wanted him to have multiple animations when flying or laughing etch  the processing power of the watch could do it effectively on runtime, so with the developers we opted to keep it as simple as possible.

The good news was that Watch OS 3.0 launched in September and the development team was allowed  to add animations and music (with the help of SpriteKit  to an Apple Watch App.

For a designer to have constrains can be liberating!

I changed the Scene of the Game to make it more easy for the developers.

Instead of fitting all the bats in one screen I increased vertically the gameplay scene.

I also altered the physics to make Mr. Pumkin fly as high as the vertically streched scene allowed

I guess that when the user would lose he would try again from the same stage, using his cognitive memory to complete the stage. 


Instead of high score  I added stars to increase the tension for the player ,


I also took in mind that he may use the app in multiple watches and sync the max stage across all of them using Apple’s GameCenter as a saving progress mechanism

And I also designed stickers for the iMessage

©Konstantinos Anastasiou 2019